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Can you help us since we left?

Indeed, at the very beginning of your expatriation or even in anticipation of your relocation to Morocco, our team will be at your disposal both to explain all the necessary steps but also to provide you with real-time support to make your project a success, whatever your mission: work or investment.

I want to invest in Morocco.

Your choice for the Kingdom of Morocco will be a success as long as your business plan is well studied and you can count on the support of Consultants who work in the field and can advise you on the measures to take but also to avoid.

I want to spend my retirement in Morocco.

If your plan is to spend your retirement in Morocco, we have a solid and punchy knowledge of legal and tax matters. In case of real estate investment, we can even accompany you for any acquisition in all regions of the Kingdom.

How to find accommodation in Morocco?

Before or during your stay abroad, you are strongly advised to rely on our network of reliable and honest contacts for all your real estate needs. Otherwise, you can count on our real estate agents and network of legal and professional real estate agencies to provide you with the necessary support in all regions of the Kingdom.

What are my financial obliations?

As part of your expatriation to Morocco, you will have several financial obligations that will depend on your status and your future income received in Morocco. Our Consultants will be at your disposal to give you all the details and propose the best mechanisms in accordance with Moroccan law so that your project succeeds and is sustainable.

How do i find suitable school for my children?

For almost 2 years, the French education system has set up a digital platform that manages the whole process of selection and follow-up of the enrolments of expatriates’ children in the different establishments affiliated to the AEFE. We can give you all the necessary explanations and guide you upstream to avoid any delay or complication.

How do i search for a job for my spouse?

At the beginning of your expatriation, you can either use your professional and personal network or rely on our recruitment teams who have job openings with our clients and partners.

How can i find out about local legislation?

There are various media and web supports available to inform yourself about the steps and measures to follow in the context of any expatriation. Our team can provide you with a practical and effective guide but also advise you in real time on all your administrative, legal and tax needs.

Can you take care of the steps before leaving Morocco?

Fiscal discharge, certificate of change of residence, certificate of no Lydec subscription, … All the steps inherent to the final departure from Morocco are part of our expertise and our team will be able to give you the advice and carry out the missions that will be given.